It goes without saying that no event in Goa is ever complete without music.

Musical bands have been traditionally popular since time can remember and have now begun getting more versatile by the day. Bands in Goa no longer just play the Konkani ’mandos’ and symphonies but are well renowned nationwide to play the latest genres of music ranging from hip hop to rock.

Our local music bands play an ‘instrumental’ part at any event. They’re the ones leading the show and making sure your guests are always on the dance floor! Choosing the life of your party has a few easy steps, and we’re here to help.

Engaging with the well-matched band for you depends on the kind of event you’re having. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, it factors the kind of environment you’d want to create at your party along with the type of band you’d like to hire. While bands are mostly preferred for bigger events like weddings and anniversaries, one-man-bands and duos could also be hired for smaller occasions. Then the question of when you’re planning to hold the event. Consider the fact of whether your decided event date is in or off season and always book your band well in advance. This avoids the chance of having them deemed unavailable on the chosen date.

We at BoaGoa, have come together with some suggestions to choose your perfect music band in Goa.

Prachiti Salkar

Prachiti Salkar



The power of ‘word-of-mouth’ publicity is big when it comes to music bands. The outreach of a good band can woo thousands in line and in turn spread the word. Selecting a music band for your event can help increase the hype for your audience – the news of a good band playing will impress the crowd. In addition, you would also want for the audience to talk about your party’s success in the future with a mention to the band. Checking reviews for the music bands around you and selecting the best one for you is part of the process.


Once you’ve set an image of what your event should be like, think about what songs would you want playing in the background and getting the crowd on their feet. Whether its pop, rock, indie, jazz, bollywood or our favorite Goan ‘mandos’, you need to have a mental image of what your playlist should be. Choosing a music band that’s best suited for the event with experience and flair in performing with the genre of your choice will help make your decision easier.


Being the best in a particular genre isn’t always enough, the heart wants more. Our local bands understand this and are always prepared with a few extra songs and tricks in their hat to woo and amaze the audience. It’s always good to check with your band if they can play some current and trending hits apart from their set playlist. Another option can also be if they could lead a sing and dance along session with the live audience.


Various music bands can be open to leaning songs for your special day, provided they have enough time to practice and perfect them. You could talk about encouraging on-the-spot song requests at the venue and even include a few songs of different languages suiting your crowd, on the playlist. Another point could be to check if the band could also perform at the ceremony, if any, prior to the party. An example of this could be having the same band perform as a choir at a church for the wedding nuptials and at the reception that night. 


Like the other main-men behind your event, you need to guide your chosen music band to the venue of your choice as well. Discuss sound arrangements, stage set up and placement, power back up and other requirements to ensure a seamless day or night of dancing. Checking for type and quality of their equipment used such as the speakers, microphones and instruments will help ensure you’re collaborating with a good band.


At the end of it all, decide and confirm on the final playlist for the event and schedule it out. Speak about when you’d expect the band to reach the venue and start playing, along with when you would be ending the party. Approximate timings for all the songs to be played – slow starts to sprightly ends, and the breaks. Request that the music never stop, and have dinner and snack breaks happen with soft background tunes still playing. 

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