Gifting Ideas for your loved ones.

Some gifts are small, some are big, but those that come from the heart are the biggest of them all.
It is said that it’s not only the receiver that feels the sense of happiness when receiving but it’s also the giver. The act of gift-giving, at its core, strengthens the foundation of our relationships, portrays their importance and establishes a bridge of emotions and appreciation.
Our calendars could be marked with several important dates, be it birthdays, anniversaries or other events. And we always think about ways to make those days even more special with the perfect gift. And sometimes you just do not need an occasion for gifting. So for all those marked and unmarked moments on your calendar. We are here to offer you that helping hand in choosing and selecting the most ideal gift. We at BoaGoa have here the ultimate list of potential gifts for any occasion!

Swetlana Almeida

Swetlana Almeida



There’s just an evergreen charm of handmade gifts. Now this could be something you’ve made by yourself or bought from a store, but know that something you’ve put in efforts by yourself will always create a better moment. Right from your handmade cards for just about any occasion in your childhood to actually creating a bit of art and craft in the later years, remember the smile on their faces when they saw your creativity?

Since our modern and fast lives don’t leave us much time to often create something for our loved ones, the value of the sentiment in case we do has definitely tripled! Great gifting options in case you want to present something handmade could be –  a card with personal messages, some jewelry, a photo-pop up box, a piece of art or even handmade scented candles and soaps if you’re willing to go the extra mile!


Who doesn’t love a treat to their name? From the traditional goody baskets to the trendy personalised chocolates, it’s sure to leave them feeling loved, happy and full!  If you’re at a fix in choosing a good gift while not knowing too much about the person, food can be your parachute. It’s practical, thoughtful and creates an indulgent experience. Also, making note of personal favorites can bring in brownie points here.

With so many choices in the market and the creativity in you, the possibilities can be endless when it comes to gifting delicious treats. Hampers with local Goan sweets, sugar cookies, tea cakes and even cupcakes with personal messaging and spotify song codes can be great! If you’re looking at the savory side, hampers with dry fruits and nuts, healthy snacks or even bringing a charcuterie or cheese board to the party can have a wow effect! Don’t forget, home-cooked dishes can bring warmth and a portrayal of love and care along.

Lastly, exquisite alcohol can also be a great gifting option; of course only in the case it’s appropriate and doesn’t clash with their culture and personal preferences.  A bottle of good imported wine, champagne or even vodka can be a great addition to their collection and an opportunity to enjoy a fancy drink anytime.


Everyone deserves to feel special and at tiny bit vain on their important occasions. Personalised gifting is always a great idea and perfect for any event. The charm of a personalised gift comes with the fact that while there might be many similar items around, this one will always be unique and can be cherished forever. For instance, there can be many pens around but rarely one with your name on it.

You can personalize almost anything materialistic such as stationery, key-chains, phone covers, wooden picture frames, accessories such as wallets or purses, sequined pillows and even jewelry with names and initials.


Home décor gifting can be perfect for family occasions and house warming parties. If you have a rough idea about their homes colour scheme, space, needs and personal taste, it could help make the best choice within this category. Gifting a piece of furniture, home accessories like lamps, clocks and mirrors or even a sound system could be wonderful. Other options could be wind-chimes, key holders, cake stands, scented candles and candle holders – the choices are endless if you want to give something apart from the typical dinner sets.

Plants on the other hand can also be the perfect addition to their home. Unlike the materialistic décor items, plants hold different meanings to them. Gifting a bamboo or money plant could reflect your wish for good health, luck and prosperity for the family. A flowering plant could hold the meanings of gratitude and love. Succulents also act as great home additions since they’re low maintenance, can be kept indoors and symbolize strength. Indoor plants also scientifically cleanse the air around you and thus also show that you’re considerate.


Aren’t most of us shopaholics deep down? Clothes and Accessories always get people get excited. Bas much as it’s an essential different people have their own sense of fashion, gifting a piece of clothing or accessory could definitely have a personal touch and reflect your thoughtfulness.

Picking out something they obsess upon such as shoes, trendy jewelry or a new style of clothing can turn out be something that’s super practical since it will be of use for a long time. Also it doubles up as a good reminder of your relationship. Make sure you pick something suited to the occasion – while you could gift something casual for events such as birthdays, something more formal like sarees, suits and other accessories would be the better option in case of festivals, weddings and so on.


Pampering oneself in the daily hustle and bustle of our lives is so necessary. You can remind your loved ones that they need a breather and should relax with a care package that could include sheet masks, make up, grooming kits and much more! Aromatherapy products, exfoliating body scrubs, a fitbit or even a good book to snuggle up with can be perfect gifts to show your concern.

A road less taken in case of self-care could be re-visiting the outdoors and being amongst nature. Sometimes, an escape from your usual life can be just the thing you need to unwind. Booking a couple days at a resort for a staycation or a one day tour of historically rich and unique places around town could be great options. If not this, booking adventurous experiences such as snorkeling or trekking trips can also create experiences of a lifetime for your special one.


Confused as to what you can gift a child? The key to selecting the perfect gift for him/her is to simply think like one.

While for infants the best gifting options are always baby care products and clothing, children upto twelve years of age have a wide variety of cute clothes, toys, accessories, books and educational games awaiting them. Musical starters like toy keyboards and guitars are also brilliant options.

Gifting, when it comes to children is the most fun but could also be tricky. Going with favorite colours, favorite cartoon characters and trendy stationery will never fail.

8.Gift Cards/Vouchers

Although not the most personal gift, gift vouchers are great for friends and collegues you’ve acquainted with and are getting to know better. This is a safe gifting option especially in such cases wherein you wouldn’t know too much about the person or their preferences. Vouchers from several online shopping sites, movie theatres and even gift stores could definitely bring a smile to their face along with the liberty to spend on things they find essential or buy something off of their shopping wish-list.


“Put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give to others.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Your gestures of love and appreciation can speak beyond words can describe, and that, at it’s core is the joy of gifting. We hope this list helps you give out the best and most thoughtful gifts with a happy feeling at heart.

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Bright colours, the warmth of summer and time spent with family are what come to mind when we think about the occasion of Easter. For those belonging to the Christian faith, this eventadditionally holds a deeper meaning about renewed hope and a celebration of new life.

Let’s talk about how this wonderful occasion is celebrated with faith and flare amongst our local Christian families, even despite all odds.

Prachiti Nagvekar

Prachiti Nagvekar



The Christians follow forty days of ‘Lent’ that starts with ‘Ash Wednesday’, an important day that marks the beginning of the penitential Lenten season and one’s reconciliation with God. For these forty days, Christians around the world try making an effort and find time for charitable acts, introspect on their lifestyles and observe a ‘fast’ wherein they sacrifice their normal desires and habits such as eating meat, drinking or smoking.  Towards the end of this season, they then observe a ‘holy week’ that’s followed with faith, prayers and church masses for health and wellbeing. Nearing this week, all of the local churches also hold a collaborative procession of their respective residents along twelve points around the church. This is done while preaching and revising the ‘Twelve Stations Of The Cross’ or ‘Way Of The Cross’ that depict Jesus Christ’s day of crucifixion.

During this week that starts with ‘Palm Sunday’, they observe Jesus Christ’s last supper on ‘Maundy Thursday’, commemorate His passion, suffering and death on ‘Good Friday’ and finally celebrate His resurrection from the dead on the third day, that’s‘Easter Sunday’.


Apart from having and attending special church masses or services to commemorate their important days, theres no doubt about the fact that Goan Christian families celebrate all their festivals with a joyous anticipation. They prepare for the occasion by deep cleaning their homes, adding decorations around and putting together delicious home cooked meals anddelectable sweet treats.

It all starts by having ‘hot cross buns’ for ‘Maundy Thursdaythat are either prepared at home or purchased from local bakeries. These are soft sweet buns with dry fruits mixed in and a cross pattern on top, that are often eaten with butter or just enjoyed plain. Post this, the big day – Easter, is often met with excitement and enthusiasm to celebrate the holy event and rejoice their Christian faith.

If you get the good fortune to visit a Goan Christian family on Easter day, you’re sure to return with a tummy that’s more than full! With delicious items of traditional Goan cuisine, whether savory or sweet, there’s something in store for everyone, especially if you’re a non-vegetarian. Be it some scrumptious ‘Sorpotel’, ‘Pork Vindaloo’, Beef Roast’, or Chicken Cafrealand ‘Mutton Xacutiwith some wholesome Goan Pulao, try,but you wont resist. And to top it off, indulge in a heart-warming piece of Dodol’ that’s a sweet toffee-like sugar palmbased confection or evenVonn’ or Godshe’ that’s basically Goan ‘kheer for dessert.  We Goans can surely put up quite a feast.


Over the years, we’ve all been influenced by western culture and the trends around us. And since Easter is widely celebrated in the west; their traditions, cultures and trends also influence Christians around the world and of course, in Goa. These influences are often followed regarding food and activities. An example of having this influence with food, is preparing a whole roast chicken for Easter lunch or eating yummy trifle’or ‘carrot cake’ for dessert.

An icon of the occasion worldwide is the ‘Easter Bunny that brings along ‘Easter Eggs. The Easter bunny is mythical creature that is said to lay colourful eggs that in turn also symbolize new life. And so since we can remember it, these bunnies and eggs are consumed in adorable chocolate forms! As an annual event, families bring home colourful candy eggs and chocolate bunnies during this time for their children to celebrate and understand the meaning of the festival in a special way. Many public events are also centered on having Easter egg hunts for kids and adults alike, during this special occasion.


The essence of any Christian celebration is the warmth of love within their families. Easter too is celebrated with this very essence, especially in the Goan households. The entire family and their friends gather around for a few drinks and warm food across the table, with the chit and chatter of the exciting present and happy memories of yester-year.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has created barriers between some families or otherwise created hardships to face amongst others. The need of the hour demands better hygiene in place, restriction to crowds and everyone’s safety at priority. But, despite all odds, special occasions and festivals are still celebrated with the best interest and spirit amongst all Goanfamilies. And so they rejoice, with pomp and pride, regardless of whether they’re physically or virtually together. Here’s a day of celebration with a sense of simultaneous penance and joy, and most importantly, their faith at the center of it all.

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We surely find ourselves smiling when we receive a bunch of flowers or see beautiful floral arrangements at display. With the vast variety of flowers and their many symbolisms, flowers have become an important element for décor and display of traditions with grace and glory. Choosing the right flowers for your next event can influence the crowd to be delighted, with an uplifted ambiance and a fresh feeling!

We at BoaGoa are here to help you understand how floral decors can take your events to a top notch. Below are a few tips toassist you choose the best floral arrangements for your next occasion! From being able to depict classy and rich to bringing the party to full bloom with bright colours and fresh scents; theres a lot you can do with floral elegance and glory.

Prachiti Nagvekar

Prachiti Nagvekar


The type of occasion will help narrow your options when it comes to choosing the perfect flowers for either an event or for a person. Always ask or find out about personal preferences and favorites. If you’re planning a surprise event, this aspect will work wonders in creating the most memorable event for a loved one with this personal touch of their favorite flowers. Whether its to be presented to someone in a bouquet or used for decorating a space to hold an event, colours also play a major role in selecting the best flowers for the occasion. All while in accordance to a chosen theme. If you’re holding an event at a particular location, the size and area of the space could also help determine the type and amount of flowers you would require.  


We can broadly categories all the flowers available in the Indian markets into two – local grown and exotic imported flowers.Exotic flowers like Lilies, Tulips, Anthuriums or Cala Lilies and Orchids can add a lot of elegance to the aura of your event and present a fancy vibe. But this comes with an expensive cost, especially if you plan on using them as part of your major décor. If you’re on a budget for floral décor but still want some exotic flowers in the lime light, talk to your florist about having a fewat key areas such as the entrances, at the stage and in the bouquets if any. Local grown flowers such as Marigolds, Roses, Hibiscus and Daisies are cheaper and also look fuller in comparison to the exotic flowers, making them ideal for elaborate use in décor.


Once you’ve got a rough idea about how you’d want to celebrate your occasion with a theme in mind, it’s always nice to get some research done and create mood boards. Now, these could be done with print outs actually taken out and pasted on a paper or on a board, or quite simply just saved in a folder on your mobile phone. Either way works. Mood boards help you organise and list preferences according to how your chosen flowers would look good together. You can then also decide upon the kind of floral arrangements preferred and if you’d want other designs to be incorporated. Doing this can also help your florist understand your ideas and execute them perfectly.


An important consideration is to make sure that the chosen flowers suit the time and place of the event. For instance, bright and colourful flowers like Marigolds, Gerberas, Frangipani and Hibiscus are always perfect for day outdoor events while subtle coloured flowers like Lilies, Carnations and Orchids add elegance to night events. Don’t forget that floral arrangements can also be highlighted with good lighting, especially at night-outdoor events. If you’re having an indoor event, you would probably want fragrant flowers like Jasmines and Roses that would add freshness to the pleasant and cool environment.

Of course, your ultimate flower choices would also depend on your chosen theme. For example, you’d want flowers in shades of pink, peach, pale yellow and white if the theme is based on pastel colours.



While we live in a modern world and are on a constant chase to keep up with the trends, sticking to traditions is at times the best refresher! Taking a decision to either go with a more traditional theme and use locally sourced flowers; or try modern designs and use exotic flowers, can be based on the theme and occasionyou’re having.

Occasions such as wedding functions like ‘Mehendi, Sangeetand Haldi, or even a Hindu baby shower – always call for adherence to a traditional theme with Marigolds, Daisies, Jasmine, and Aboli’ in full display. On the other hand, the use of exotic flowers like Orchids and Carnations work best for weddings, birthdays and other personal affairs where traditions aren’t completely involved. These events are truly ones for which you could explore your creative side or find things to add on, in collaboration with your florist and the event decorator. Here, simplistic modern concepts and designs can work really well and create a positive long lasting impression on your guests.


While we’ve spoken about traditional and exotic fresh flowers, a special mention also goes to using paper flowers – a modern concept. Big paper flower work with huge display frames or centerpieces can add an ‘oomph’ factor to certain areas in focus. This could be the stage, entrance or even the food tables.  

There’s never a limit to creativity in case of floral displays. At times, sticking to traditions can also come with a modern twist of adding conventional and trendy designs – something to please either generation. Examples of this could be creating flower walls and frames around the venue, creating waterfall patterned floral curtains and much more.

Apart from the main attractions, think about decorations for the cars used in case of weddings or even a horse at a Hindu wedding. Pro-tip here – exotic flowers such as Orchids and Lilies are your best bet when it comes to floral décor for the vehicles.

Floral table centerpieces are also an aspect that helps uplift the mood and aura of the event, since your guests will spend a lot of time around it. Choose similar flowers to the rest of the décorthat will complement the collective vibe. A good rule of thumb here is to not exceed 20cm in height. These should also beplaced at the center while having a proportionate breadth to the table used as well.


Bouquets essentially can add a personal and emotional touch that brings a humbling feeling of being loved and cared for. In case of Christian weddings, we have the bride holding a bouquet of flowers symbolising love and new beginnings. Garlands, on the other hand, portray a sense of respect and joy. At Hindu and Muslim weddings we have the ‘varmalas’ or ceremonious garlands that symbolize acceptance of one another, love and peace.  

The center of attention at any party is always the host or the person we gather around for. And so, these elements turn out be on priority and have to be perfect. Along with these, flowers could also be used as ornaments, in case of occasions you’d be wearing them. ‘Baby breath’ is a quite popular flower bundlethat’s widely used in bouquets and hair dressing. Note that if not always fresh flowers, paper flowers could be used here as well since they hold a much longer shelf life. A bonus to this is that you can have any colour, type and size of flowers customized and produced just for you.


Now that you have your whole floral theme and décor plan set, it’s time to execute! Get in touch with florists and always check for price ranges and never hesitate to ask for discounts or bargain especially in case of big orders. If you have a separate event planner involved, ask them for contacts and share your mood board and design ideas with them. Have this done in advance to make arrangements especially in case of procuring exotic flowers. Lastly, since flowers hold a lot of importance to any event, always make sure your florist comes right in time before the event to have the arrangements done. Setting up too early could also at times mean hampering the freshness of the flowers used.

And there you have it. A blooming event, in all its grace andglory!


There’s nothing better than flowers to compliment your décor,no matter what the occasion is. Collaborate with the most creative florists in town to bring your next event to full bloom! Download the BoaGoa app and get started today.



The notion is simple, the best caterer for you is someone who’d treat your event as their own and give their best effort towards curating the menu, organizing the banquet and most importantly, make delicious lip-smacking food that pushes quality benchmarks. We at BoaGoa, have associated with the best skilled caterers for your every need that strive to deliver this exact expectation.

Here are a few pointers to help you finalize a caterer for your next event!

Prachiti Salkar

Prachiti Salkar



Always set your budget before moving forward to finalizing different aspects of your event, including the caterer. This will help you decide on how elaborate your menu can be without taking a major blow to your pocket. Caterers in Goa always have a wide range of menu options that suit all your needs and preferences for the best value. Do not hesitate to negotiate with your caterer either to add additional items to the menu or reduce on the final amount.


Goa is home to about fifty plus caterers and choosing one amongst them can be a tough task! But worry not, we have associated with some of the best in the business to ease your planning process and help you shortlist a caterer, stress-free. Always check for customer reviews on service, menu customizability, availability of your preferred serving style – service menu or a buffet, decoration style options and convenience to your chosen event location.


Any celebration is at the peak of its success when everyone has something to be delighted by. Food and beverage influence the whole crowd collectively and one must always keep their guests comfort and preference on priority, especially while choosing a menu with a caterer. Keep in mind vegetarians, non-vegetarians, Jains etc. while choosing the food options. Knowing your crowd size or expected number of guests, age groups of the invitees and your chosen cuisines will help ease your first discussion with the caterer.


Now the fun part! Make sure to choose a limited number of items as appetizers to avoid having your guests stuffed at the beginning. Including a few all-time favorites, exploring cuisines and choosing dishes appealing to the local and non-local folks for the main course could level up your event like a charm. Selecting cocktails and mocktails for your bar and picking out a diverse dessert menu is equally important. Do not forget to schedule a tasting with your shortlisted caterers to sample their culinary skills before committing to them as your caterer.


We are always on the hunt for innovation and look for something dynamic on every turn. To add to the joy and excitement of it all, you could also add in a few extras to amplify the event with live counters for sweets, a barbeque or even trendy molecular mocktails at the bar! Throw in beautiful theme centered presentations with perhaps an ice statue, a huge menu board or even veggie art for an even better experience!

Looking to organize your next big event? Do get in touch with us at BoaGoa for some of the best tips and tricks in the industry and download the app to get started now!

How To Raise an Awesome Wedding Toast

How To Raise an Awesome Wedding Toast

Being chosen by the bridal couple to raise the toast on their wedding day is a very special honour. For some, however, it can be a real nerve-racking prospect once you realise you must deliver a heartfelt speech to a huge crowd.

We at BoaGoa, have come together with some suggestions to make the speech writing and toasting just a little bit easier.

Ashley Dias

Ashley Dias


Get a Head Start

Start preparing the speech a good 2-3 weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to ensure that you have all your facts in place. For instance, the wedding guests would love to know how the couple first met or how the groom proposed to the bride (or vice versa).

Getting the speech ready early would give you time to practice so that the speech feels natural on the day of the wedding. Do not hesitate to have a few friends proofread the speech and give you any tips or suggestions. Practice in front of a mirror or on camera, so that you know how to pace out the speech and help you be more confident.

Be Yourself

If you aren’t inherently a person who jokes a lot, avoid attempting multiple jokes. Play to your strengths; the speech could be emotional, funny, sweet or if you are good at singing or composing a poem and it is a talent appreciated by the couple, use those skills to share your feelings with everyone.

As quoted by Roy T Bennett:

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”

Content: Start – Middle – End

Structure the content of the speech into three parts so you can cover most of the aspects of a great speech.

A good way to start would be to address the guests and welcome them to be
a part of the celebration. A handy joke would be a good ice breaker before you proceed with an introduction of yourself and your relationship with the couple (remember, this is the couple’s special day, so the guests want to hear more about them rather than your accolades).

Express your emotions to be given the honour to raise the toast. If you have a nice story on why you believe you were chosen to raise the toast do share it with the audience.

Focus the next section of the speech on the newlyweds. Let everyone know why you believe they bring out the best in each other and belong together. The stories of how they met, proposed, fell in love and even your fondest memory with the couple are good candidates to showcase why they make a terrific couple.
You can even whip out a humorous joke about a quirky behaviour or habit of the bride/groom or the couple together and how the significant other would cope with it.

Closeout the speech by offering advice and well wishes to the couple. Thank the bridal couple, their parents, siblings, and all the guests in attendance for being a part of the special occasion. Ask that everyone enjoy themselves and share in the bliss of the new bride and groom. If possible, end with a good joke to leave a smile with the married couple and the guests.

Toast to the Couple, Don’t Roast them.

This is the day of the bridal couple, and the guests have come together to celebrate them and to be a part of their happiness. Hence it would be well appreciated to refrain from embarrassing the couple with inappropriate jokes, bringing up past relationships, unnecessarily swearing, and by being drunk. Stay classy and every word you say should be focused on making the couple smile with gratitude and nostalgia.

Keep the speech short and sweet.

The speech should ideally be around 3-4 minutes long. This would give you enough time to engage the audience and take them through the journey about the bridal couple that you want them to experience.

Speak slowly and deliberately; it’s easy to get carried away and go a little too fast for the guests to comprehend. Look directly at the couple when addressing them and don’t forget that you’re speaking to everyone in the vicinity. Make eye contact and smile at the guests as you take them on this journey.

Jot down the notes.

Keep a note of the important points you would like to cover during the speech. It’s always better to have it written on a piece of paper or note cards rather than on the phone, as the phone might ring or need to be unlocked causing an awkward interruption.

The notes should only be used if you draw a blank or forget the next part; try to keep your eyes on the bridal couple or the audience for most of the speech to keep them engaged.

Be Calm and Composed.

It’s always a good approach to talk to the MC before the reception so that you have a good idea of when you are expected to speak. When the moment approaches, take a few deep breaths and remember that you are well-rehearsed and have it under control.

If you believe that a drink or two would help you calm the nerves, feel free to have some. However, refrain from drinking too much before the toast as you want to be in control and focused during the speech. Remember that you do have your notes in case you blank out.

Raise your Glass to Toast to the Wedding

Once you have completed the speech, don’t forget to toast. Clink your glass with the bridal couple and ask everyone to raise their glasses to honour the newlyweds. Cheers!!!