Let’s paint a picture, you have an event coming up with all preparations happening in full swing and all hands-on deck, but the venue isn’t finalized yet. This event absolutely needs to be the talk of the town and choosing a location or a venue can be hectic – we’ve all been there. The location can be a game changer while planning your event with the guest list, theme and occasion in mind.

Thus, we at BoaGoa have come together to create a list of un-conventional event locations in Goa, that are sure to have a ‘WOW’ effect on your guests.

Prachiti Salkar

Prachiti Salkar


Reis Magos Fort:

Built in the fifteenth century, this picturesque architectural gem is ideal if you’re looking for a land-meets-river vibe energized with the beauty of the river Mandovi and amazing views from the fort. Perfect for any event especially with large crowds, this venue is sure to etch a memory for your guests, especially with all the lovely photographs including nature engulfed backgrounds.



Goa is home to thirty five beaches along the coastline, each no less beautiful than the other and all considerably world famous with bucket list visits by international and local tourists alike! A beach event with a nautical, sea shell or even a tropical theme can be just the thing you’d need to turn it into the most happening party of the year.


Cruise Boats & Yachts:

Sometimes, having parties on land are just too mainstream. If you’re looking to do something totally different and with a bit of style, you could rent a yacht or a cruise boat depending on your guest list. Sail along the river Mandovi with the DJ playing your favorite tunes while the guests eat, drink & mingle. With the cherry on top being the aesthetic sunset skies over the horizons, this party is sure to have the crowd impressed and your social media followers jealous.

Spice Farms:

A place where fun meets relaxation! For family events or even corporate team building activities, spice farms in Goa have turned into an ideal spot where you can spend your day engrossed with nature and relax in the large pools or enjoy the water slides and other outdoor activities. While some of the spice farms could have a time restriction, the others arrange for you to continue partying into the night and have even accommodated wedding audiences.

Portuguese houses:

Symbolic to Goan culture, an event at a rented Portuguese house can be just the thing if you seek to have a cozy event while still technically throwing a huge house party. Since these houses are generally extravagant with walls that tell stories about tradition and stand proudly in a modern world, they make up to be amazing sites for any event you look forward to organize.

Go ahead and organize a dream event at your favorite location circled by the beauty and authenticity of Goa! Do visit the event planner designed on the BoaGoa app with curated checklists and vendor management for easy and effective planning.