The notion is simple, the best caterer for you is someone who’d treat your event as their own and give their best effort towards curating the menu, organizing the banquet and most importantly, make delicious lip-smacking food that pushes quality benchmarks. We at BoaGoa, have associated with the best skilled caterers for your every need that strive to deliver this exact expectation.

Here are a few pointers to help you finalize a caterer for your next event!

Prachiti Salkar

Prachiti Salkar



Always set your budget before moving forward to finalizing different aspects of your event, including the caterer. This will help you decide on how elaborate your menu can be without taking a major blow to your pocket. Caterers in Goa always have a wide range of menu options that suit all your needs and preferences for the best value. Do not hesitate to negotiate with your caterer either to add additional items to the menu or reduce on the final amount.


Goa is home to about fifty plus caterers and choosing one amongst them can be a tough task! But worry not, we have associated with some of the best in the business to ease your planning process and help you shortlist a caterer, stress-free. Always check for customer reviews on service, menu customizability, availability of your preferred serving style – service menu or a buffet, decoration style options and convenience to your chosen event location.


Any celebration is at the peak of its success when everyone has something to be delighted by. Food and beverage influence the whole crowd collectively and one must always keep their guests comfort and preference on priority, especially while choosing a menu with a caterer. Keep in mind vegetarians, non-vegetarians, Jains etc. while choosing the food options. Knowing your crowd size or expected number of guests, age groups of the invitees and your chosen cuisines will help ease your first discussion with the caterer.


Now the fun part! Make sure to choose a limited number of items as appetizers to avoid having your guests stuffed at the beginning. Including a few all-time favorites, exploring cuisines and choosing dishes appealing to the local and non-local folks for the main course could level up your event like a charm. Selecting cocktails and mocktails for your bar and picking out a diverse dessert menu is equally important. Do not forget to schedule a tasting with your shortlisted caterers to sample their culinary skills before committing to them as your caterer.


We are always on the hunt for innovation and look for something dynamic on every turn. To add to the joy and excitement of it all, you could also add in a few extras to amplify the event with live counters for sweets, a barbeque or even trendy molecular mocktails at the bar! Throw in beautiful theme centered presentations with perhaps an ice statue, a huge menu board or even veggie art for an even better experience!

Looking to organize your next big event? Do get in touch with us at BoaGoa for some of the best tips and tricks in the industry and download the app to get started now!