The moment you decide on making an occasion special, the journey of creating memories to last a lifetime begins. The beginning of this journey always starts with deciding the ‘theme’ for the occasion, Traditional & Simple or Trendy & Loud? A good event decorator would be the ‘fairy god-mother’ you need, to help answer these questions, match the vibes of the venue and create the perfect ambience for the occasion.
Here is your guide, on choosing the best event decorator for your event. The one who would magically bring your dreams to reality! 

Prachiti Salkar

Prachiti Salkar



Before you could finalize on anything, it’s important to first know how intimate or grand you’d want your event to be. Whether it’s a cozy get together with a few people or an extravagant bash at an outdoor venue. The level of celebration you’d want, would translate to the requirements and discussions to be held with the event decorator. 


Setting a theme for any event is essential, since you will be setting the vibe of the event for your guests, even before it begins. A well decorated venue with some unique concepts, can turn your event from basic to being the talk of the town for a long time! Your choice of theme could depend on the timing of the event – day events could be well complimented with bright coloured and floral décor while night events are best suited for glitz and glamour. 
However, compatibility with your decorator and a shared understanding of the theme could really help gain confidence in knowing that your ideas are going to be well executed. Remember to discuss colour schemes, choice of flowers, table and hall centerpieces, and other smaller details to help create a ‘no-miss’ list.


Make sure you choose the type of seating arrangements with choice of chairs, table cloth, tableware; sound system with the number of microphones, speakers, extra connections; and lighting capacity for your venue, as these three areas are the most basic necessities of any party! Always make sure to ask your decorator to have a good generator available on stand-by in case of power outages. Other elements you need to consider are the stage set up, dance floor lighting and special seating arrangements for the person or couple in the spotlight.


Every event decorator will have a certain package that includes a few of the basics and the extras. Now that you’ve decided the theme and size of your party, you could begin by talking to the decorators about the kind of projects they’ve done before and their comfort level in executing your ideas. Hear out the ideas and suggestions from the decorator, based on which the requirements can be decided. Once done, request an estimate of the all-inclusive cost from the decorator, discuss on the best price and add-ons the decorator can give you for the amount. Talk to a couple of decorators before finalizing, to decide who best reflects your ideas and thoughts.


Once you have determined the theme and basic setup, visit the site to imagine and envision how they would fit and vibe with the venue. This is your opportunity to explain and help the decorator see the vision of your ideas and you theirs before you finalize the requirement. Discuss about where you’d want people to be seated, where you’d want the buffet set up, the bar, the dance floor, where does the stage go etc. Lighting should be a prioritized topic of discussion since you would not want any dark corners or dull lit areas at your party. Hear out the thoughts of the decorator and see how best you can highlight important sites at the venue!


Talk about having some added fun and fiesta to your party with perhaps a fancy photo-booth to help your guests remember the party better, or by having a special kid’s corner to engage children with fun games and activities. You could even ask to arrange a shower of flowers over the happy couple in case of weddings/anniversaries or even arrange a smoke or bubble machine to add a little ‘oomph’ to the aura.


An indicator of being collaborated with a good decorator is when they speak about the most minute details, which gives you a sense of assurance. Following colour schemes, providing customized floral arrangements, ensuring optimal lighting, etc. are points that you could cross-check with your decorator before sealing the deal. Make sure your chosen decorator is in sync with your ideas. vision and commit to delivering the same and more! 

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